We respect our bison and
ranches where they roam.

At Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison, we respect our bison and the ranches where they roam. Our three beautiful ranches in Canada and the United States provide our bison with plenty of space, minimal human interaction, freedom of choice for their food, and outstanding animal welfare practices.

Our animal welfare practices raise happy, healthy bison.

Carmen Creek bison are free to graze on forages and are vegetarian-fed under our Free Choice feeding program. They are never, ever fed animal by-products or given antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. We also have a minimal human intervention policy to ensure Carmen Creek bison are handled as little as possible. This reduces our bison’s stress so they can live a happy, healthy life.

Our ranches are chosen with the utmost scrutiny.

Carmen Creek ranches are chosen and maintained with the utmost scrutiny. Thanks to work with leading grass and bison expert Dr. Al Steuter and the United States Geological Survey, we have created a Ranch Vitality Calculator™ to estimate how many bison our land can support. By determining land size, rainfall, grass type, access to water, elevation, and more, this calculator helps us minimize the risk of overstocking and ensures the availability of adequate food and water.

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