Canada's Premium Bison Meat


At Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison, we take pride in the little things that make our product great. From the immense care we offer our bison to our traditionally pure processing methods, we offer bison meat the way it’s supposed to be—natural, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

Our journey begins at our ranches and it doesn’t end until you put your fork down with a big, satisfied smile. Whether you are a grocer, chef, or consumer, when you offer Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison, you serve bison at its finest. Enjoy Canada’s premium bison meat for your next epicurean creation.

Taste the quality and tradition from our craftsmen.

We respect our bison and the ranches where they roam.

Serve up satisfied smiles with Canada's premium bison products.

Refresh your recipes and learn how to cook bison like a pro.

Learn about the incredible bison with our fun facts.

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