Taste the quality and tradition from our craftsmen.

Skilled artisans know that premium products require a high level of integrity, taste, and quality. Taste the quality and tradition from our craftsmen with Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison, where we are dedicated to creating an exceptionally pure, lean red meat that blends flavour, tenderness, and a powerhouse of nutrition in every bite.

Not all bison tastes the same or offers the same high quality, and we strive to taste the best and offer a product that will impress even finicky eaters. Learn more about how we ensure you enjoy an incredible bison experience every time.

100% bison has incredible flavour.

All Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison products are made with 100% bison meat, and our seasoned products are made with natural spices.

Our bison meat has no added water or chemicals from vascular flushing, and instead is chilled exclusively by air for a pure, perfect protein with incredible flavour.

Our bison’s nutrition crafts a premium protein.

Carmen Creek bison eat their preferred mix of forages and our all-natural feed—created by industry experts—for better taste and excellent nutrition.

We also promise to never, ever give our bison growth hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, and never feed them animal by-products, so you can enjoy safer, healthier, and more delicious meat.

Power up with a superior protein.

Our bison is not only delicious, but healthy! Since it is a lean, dense, and nutritious meat, Carmen Creek bison keeps you satisfied for fewer calories. This can provide a boost to your weight loss efforts.

Compare your favourite animal protein with Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison and see why many are switching to this mouthwatering red meat for a healthier lifestyle.

We exceed food safety requirements.

We guarantee bison products of the highest quality. From incredible flavour and nutrition to unparalleled purity and food safety, we set high standards so you enjoy our products as much as we do.

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